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Why The Addiction Hotline?

Perhaps you have known for a while that it’s time for rehab. Or you’re simply overwhelmed. Our addiction hotline professionals are on call to answer your questions about drug addiction, alcoholism, and rehab, whether you’re a concerned parent – “What if he doesn’t think he needs rehab?” – or whether you’re in relapse – “Will it be harder for me to recover this time?”

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Meet Experts in Rehab Success

Beyond answering questions, our addiction hotline professionals are prepared to take action on your behalf to

  • coordinate interventions
  • research insurance options
  • verify insurance
  • book rehab
  • arrange transportation
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The Addiction Hotline Recovers Lives

Generally, our addiction hotline professionals can get someone into detox and rehab within 24 hours. They’ve done it for thousands of successful recoveries.

The disease of addiction will eventually infect everything from finances and relationships to emotions and thought processes. Perhaps most devastating, it will hijack a bright future with obsession. You cannot act soon enough.

“Before I called The Addiction Hotline I was a cold, shallow and lonely human being with no direction in life. I have been shown a lot, mostly by Sylvia, as in direction and personality. And its all called my tool belt, which helps me to live life clean...”

- Anonymous

Our treatment program accepts multiple health insurance providers nationwide and is able to provide long-term sobriety and
extended-stay to recovery patients.